Redmond Web Design & Development

Intuitive web designs that anyone can use

The vast majority of web designs you've seen in your life were built on just a handful of frameworks, which is why most of the websites you've visited look and behave pretty much the same. Those systems have their place and they might be right for you, but when they're not, we're here to help. With custom web design and hand coding services the turnkey designers can't match. If you're looking for something more than another template, Night Fox is the web design studio for you.

Web Design

Redmond SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Get your website ranked higher on Google

We build everything from scratch, so we have the ability to control the code and content your website is made up of on a granular level. That means we can guarantee SEO and Google ranking results for nearly any market or circumstance at very reasonable rates. Our assessment of your business' SEO situation will be backed up by verifiable data and clearly explained to you up-front, with ongoing monitoring made available to you 24/7 once we're hired.

SEO & Marketing

Redmond Digital Menus & Directories

We build simple, affordable, easy-to-update digital signage

You may have been quoted an astronomical sum for purchasing digital signage for your office or restaurant. Unfortunately, that's not uncommon. We've found our niche in working with business owners who (rightly) assume that building a digital menu or directory with a mounted television in the 21st century shouldn't be that difficult. Spoiler alert: it's not. Or, at least, not as difficult as the corporate providers tend to tell you it is.

Digital Signage

Redmond Copywriting & Content Curation

Compelling copywriting targeted to your unique customer base

Writing compelling copy is all about connecting the dots between your customers' wants and what you feel makes your business unique when compared to your competitors. Connecting those dots rests mainly on the ability to intuit the line between a customer's desires for a product or service and the actual product or service you're offering them. We can help you find that line through our copywriting services.


Redmond Web/Cloud Hosting

Web hosting for the modern world

In addition to website programming and design, we also handle hosting and DevOps for all of our clients. DevOps is a fairly nebulous term and it can mean many things, but in this case it simply means that we handle every phase of your development pipeline; from design to coding to review to deployment to hosting.

Web Hosting

Redmond Website Analysis & Consultation

Find out if your existing website warrants revamp or replacement

It's unfortunately all-too-common for folks to approach us needing an unbiased assessment of what their previous or existing development team did. You're feeling frustrated, strapped for cash and taken advantage of, but your developer is telling you that everything is normal and they've done nothing wrong.

Web Consulting