Redmond Digital Menus & Directories

We build simple, affordable, easy-to-update digital signage

You may have been quoted an astronomical sum for purchasing digital signage for your office or restaurant. Unfortunately, that's not uncommon. We've found our niche in working with business owners who (rightly) assume that putting a menu up on a mounted television in the 21st century shouldn't be that difficult. Spoiler alert: it's not. Or, at least, not as difficult as the corporate providers tend to tell you it is. And look, we get it, and we've got nothing against capitalism or the realities of keeping a large corporation going. But on the other side of the proverbial coin are disruptive, smaller companies like ours pushing the big guys to keep innovating or risk being caught or surpassed.

How Do You Build Digital Signage?

With that goal in mind, the process we've developed for producing digital signage is actually not all that different from building a progressive web app. Because of that, we're able to offer our services for significantly less relative to the big guys. The process looks something like this:

  1. We identify what specific brand/model of television(s) your project requires and how they'll be mounted/displayed.
  2. You order them directly from the source and ship them to us. No mark-up. No middle person.
  3. We design your signage from scratch, completely custom for your needs.
  4. You ask for changes or redesigns until you're happy with what you see.
  5. We hand deliver the unit(s) to you and get them up and running and tested in their final state.

Get A Quote For Digital Signage

Reach out to us and we'll give you a live demonstration of how our digital signage tech works and how you could be up and running in just a few weeks, with wireless editing of your sign's content and a custom design tailored to your unique needs.