Redmond Website Analysis & Consultation

Find out if your existing website warrants revamp or replacement

It's unfortunately all-too-common for folks to approach us needing an unbiased assessment of what their previous or existing development team did. You're feeling frustrated, strapped for cash and taken advantage of, but your developer is telling you that everything is normal and they've done nothing wrong. 

We start our analysis from a dispassionate perspective with due process in mind. In other words, your developer is innocent unless proven guilty. We'll analyze your code and ask questions about your communications and give an honest assessment of where things stand. If it turns out your existing team can actually finish what they started, great. If not, we'll let you know the harsh realities of where you stand. It's not cheap for you or pleasant for anybody involved, but sometimes it simply has to be done.

Note: We'll tell you before we begin the process of analysis whether it's a project we ourselves would want to take on. If not, we'll continue with the analysis. However, if it is a project we'd like to take on, we'll ask that you get an additional analysis performed by a third-party to make sure none of our claims are self-serving.