Redmond Web Designer & Developer

Tinker. Husband. Father. Guy.

My name is Luc Boone, and I am the owner of Night Fox. I'm a married father of two (so far) from Redmond, a hopeless, lifelong Mariners fan, and a huge cinephile.

I started building websites as a hobby when I was very young, twelve years old or so. I've always been obnoxiously entrepreneurial, and because the dot-com boom was in full swing when I was twelve (circa 1997), it seemed like a good skill to start learning. Of course, I was starting from scratch and never had any formal training, so I meandered from website to website, inspecting real developers' code and designs, trying to recreate things I thought were cool from scratch, with varying degrees of success.

Eventually, around age 15, I got good enough at designing, coding and, crucially, convincing grown-ups that I too was a grown up, that I got my first paying job. It was for a website that would easily cost tens of thousands of dollars if we were to build it today, but I underbid the heck out of it just so I could say I was a professional web developer. And that was that. I got my first business license and I haven't pursued another career since.

I love creating things and learning new technologies and constantly evolving. This industry can be an exciting one if you don't allow yourself to just keep churning out the same website over and over and over again. And I like to think that I don't.

Luc Boone Redmond Web Designer

Radical candor is very important to me. I don't like to waste your/my time by sugarcoating things. I'm an advocate for you and your product. If I can successfully convince you that there's a better course of action to be taken at any point during your project's development, I will do so without hesitation. If I'm overruled, that's fine, I can sleep knowing that I tried to make the product the best it could be.

My business' success is based almost entirely on positive word of mouth. It's my family's livelihood and the only thing I've ever done for a living. I take it seriously, and because of that I'll take your business seriously, too. While it may sound hokey - which is a criminally underutilized word - your success and my success really are inextricably linked. With that in mind, I will endeavor to provide you with the highest level of service and value for your money that I possibly can. That much I can guarantee you.